Strategic Customer Engagement Products We Offer

Our proven techniques, methodologies and bespoke strategic engagement products are designed to cover all stages of your loyalty program’s lifecycle.


At the heart of what we do is the strategy

Consequently, it provides the ‘smarts’ and the why for your successful Loyalty or Engagement Program.

Crest Program Design by Vivid Engagement

Loyalty and Engagement Program Design

Contextual Real-time Engagement using Strategy and Technology

CREST is a distinct methodology used to define your program and crystallise all moving parts. The outcome is a completed program structure, engagement strategy, commercials, and clear, actionable steps on how to achieve it.

Vitality program review by Vivid engagement

Performance Review and Benchmarking

Here, we drill into the mechanics and performance of your existing program across member experience, commercials, partners, engagement strategy, and redemptions.

Motion lifecycle design by vivid engagement

Lifecycle Design

We combine data at rest and data in motion with your technological capabilities to design the ultimate journey for customers. The result? Your customers will maintain engagement and a long-term relationship with your brand.

Loyalty Research

We conduct loyalty research for your brand or business, using tools and methods that work to get you quality data. A good idea is just that, until it is validated.

Strategic Consulting

We take you on the journey of creating the greatest personalised experiences for your customers. There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategies.

Website Design Services

Combining your brand's best face forward with web design that takes your visitors on a journey to become loyal customers time and time again.

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